2012: Looking Ahead

Here are brief outlines of some of the projects I hope to run this year.

To mark the 200th aniversary of Charles Dickens’ birth I hope to get several school’s involved in a blogging / Twitter / Audioboo project based around his novels. Children could blog or tweet as characters from the stories and I hope to repeat the #BooHumbug project by getting children from various schools to create an online collaborative audiobook of another of his novels.

As it is the year of the London Olympics I will be marking the occasion with my Olympic Challenges – basically a series of challenges based around different Olympic events that will get children thinking creatively.

Turing Year
To mark Turing Year we are going to transform one of our mobile classrooms into a Bletchley Park codebreakers hut. A team of children will work as codebreakers trying to decipher some encoded tweets and then retweet them. Children in other schools could join in as well.

D-Day Tweets
Children will research the events of D-Day and will tweet from the point of view of people involved in that historic day. These tweets will be scheduled to be delivered ‘live’ on the 6th June.

A blogging / Twitter project to mark the centenary of the Titanic sinking in which children will blog or tweet as passengers or members of the crew.

Please get in touch if you would like to take part or want anymore information about any of these projects.


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