Commendations Policy

The fictional Leach Primary School (motto = Create / Discover / Learn) has recently updated it’s Commendation Policy… Commendations are awarded to children who demonstrate two or more of the following key qualities. These qualities are divided into two categories. The first set is concerned with the child as a person, a friend, a citizen […]

ASK Learning Objectives

For the remainder of the Summer Term I am going to trial a new system in which I will give the children three Learning Objectives at the beginning of each lesson. These will be stuck in their books and referred to at the start of each lesson. These objectives will fall into the following three […]

WikiStars – the Game

If you have read my previous two posts or seen some of my recent tweets you will know that I am currently creating a system to reward children and motivate them to discover new information inspired by good old Top Trumps. I have created a set of 30 cards for Year 6 to collect during […]

#ICTicon Top Trump Cards – Year 6

I am going to run a Beta test of my Top Trump idea with Year 6 next term (see my previous post). If all goes to plan I will then create a whole set of cards for next year. The idea is that over the course of the year the children will have opportunity to […]

#ICTicon “Top Trumps”

In every lesson I plan on giving the children five questions to answer during the lesson. These questions will all be about one particular topic (which could be a person or a piece of technology etc). The reason for this is to give the children something to do if they ever find themselves waiting – […]

Unlocking ICT Icons

During every lesson I give the children five questions to answer at some point during the lesson. These questions enable the children to hone their Internet Research skills, provide them with information about influential figures in the world of ICT (yes I still use the term ICT rather than Computing) and possibly more importantly give […]