Times Tables Poems

My maths set have been working on poems to help them learn their tables. Here is their 8 times table poem.

One spider on a plate. One times eight equals eight

Two spiders on a trampoline. Two times eight is sixteen.

Three spiders on the door. Three times eight is twenty-four.

Four spiders in my shoe. Four times eight is thirty-two.

Five spiders being naughty. Five times eight equals forty.

Six spiders on the gate. Six times eight is forty-eight.

Seven spiders collecting sticks. Seven times eight is fifty-six.

Eight spiders running across the floor. Eight times eight is sixty-four.

Nine spiders standing in a queue. Nine times eight is seventy-two.

Ten spiders scaring Katie. Ten times eight equals eighty.


7 thoughts on “Times Tables Poems

  1. Thanks for these great times table poems, i do hope it helps as have exhasuted everything else. Thank you for your time and effort you have made

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