Blogging INSET

Today we returned to school for the first of three days of INSET before the children return on Thursday. I had the opportunity to speak for half an hour about blogging with the aim of inspiring and encouraging other teachers at school to start blogging as well. I started off by showing my ICT blog and explained that I use it to share the work the children have done and also to promote my subject by demonstrating my interest and enthusiasm for the subject. I talked about the fact that the children seem to respond better to the fact that there work is being seen ‘beyond the school walls’ and how this motivates them to correct mistakes and ensure their work is as good as it can be. I then showed some examples of departmental blogs from other schools to show how it can be used beyond the ICT department.

I then talked about how children can also be bloggers and shared some of the fantastic work from @DeputyMitchell’s school. This led on to the use of Audioboo as a way of given children who may not be keen writers a voice online. I shared  my tutees’ Rugby radio reports and explained that it was produced completely independently – i simply gave them the technology, showed them how to use it and then sent them off to talk. I also showed the #BooHumbug project which involved several children and adults from around the world all collaborating to create an online audio book of A Christmas Carol.

I then talked about my use of Twitter and how I have found it an invaluable tool and demonstrated how I can use a hashtag such as #whsdino to ask for and collate ideas and suggestions. I then went on to talk about some of the projects I have run using Twitter such as the #1066election and Gunpowder, Tweeting and Plot.

By the end of the day I had been asked by the English, Geography, Art and Music departments to set them up with a blog – as well as Year 3, Reception and a blog for the boarders. So over the next few days I will be setting up several new blogs and showing the relevant teachers how to post.

All the links I shared can be found on

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