More Times Table Poems

My Year 4 maths set have been writing some poems to help them remember their tables. Yesterday I posted the 8 times table rhyme. Here are some more…

One lion with a loud roar, one times four equals four.
Two lions in a crate, two time four equals eight.
Three lions on the shelf, three times four equals twelve.
Four lions eating beans, four times four is sixteen
Five lions is more than plenty, five times four equals twenty.
Six lions on the sea shore, six times four is twenty-four.
Seven lions stay up late, seven times four is twenty-eight.
Eight lions cooking stew, eight times four is thirty-two.
Nine lions doing gymnastics, nine times four is thirty-six.
Ten lions acting naughty, ten times four equals forty.

One beetle picking up sticks, one times six equals six.
Two beetles meet an elf, two times six equals twelve.
Three beetles being mean, three times six is eighteen.
Four beetles on a see saw, four times six is twenty-four.
Five beetles all named Percy, five times six equals thirty.
Six beetles eating Weetabix, six times six is thirty-six.
Seven beetles on the loo, seven times six is forty-two.
Eight beetles climb the gate, eight times six is forty-eight.
Nine beetles in the drawer, nine times eight is fifty-four.
Ten beetles meet a pixie, ten times six equals sixty.

One alien up in heaven, one times seven equals seven.
Two aliens keeping clean, two times seven is fourteen.
Three aliens having fun, three times seven is twenty-one.
Four aliens running late, four times seven is twenty-eight.
Five aliens learning to drive, five times seven is thirty-five.
Six aliens stuck in glue, six times seven is forty-two.
Seven aliens stand in line, seven times seven is forty-nine.
Eight aliens playing tricks, eight times seven is fifty-six.
Nine aliens stuck up a tree, nine times seven is sixty-three.
Ten aliens having their tea, ten times seven is seventy.

One monster drinking wine, one times nine equals nine.
Two monsters painted green, two times nine is eighteen.
Three monsters down in Devon, three times nine is twenty-seven.
Four monsters sharing a Twix, four times nine is thirty-six.
Five monsters learn to dive, five times nine is forty-five.
Six monsters begin to explore, six times nine is fifty-four.
Seven monsters chased by a bee, seven times nine is sixty-three.
Eight monsters painted blue, eight times nine is seventy-two.
Nine monsters enjoying the sun, nine times nine is eighty-one.
Ten monsters up a pine tree, ten times nine is ninety.


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