Blogging in School

Yesterday I was asked to attend the Senior Team meeting in order to present about blogging. Ever since joining Winchester House School nearly three years ago I have maintained an ICT department blog and one of our Year 4 teachers also keeps a Year 4 blog. Last September we introduced a blog for our Boarders and I have begun to explore the possibility of setting up blogs for other departments.

At the SMT meeting I showed the brand new music and sports department blogs. I demonstrated how they allow us to upload audio and video via our Vimeo account. I explained that all videos on Vimeo are password protected and so our parents will have to use their usual password for the school website to view them.

I was able to show how many visitors had been on the blog and where they were located. I showed some of the comments and explained that all comments need to be moderated before they are published. I was then able to demonstrate the power of Twitter by tweeting a link to our blog celebrating the 1st XV’s unbeaten season – and receiving replies from Leicester Tigers and the current England Captain, Chris Robshaw.

All of the senior team were impressed with what I had to show and as a result I will now be leading a session at INSET during which I hope to encourage all Heads of Department to post to their blogs.

I will also be blogging with our Year 4’s who will be keeping their Learner Logs up to date and who have been signed up to join in with @DeputyMitchell’s fantastic Quadblogging project.


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