I am beginning to experiment with the idea of awarding badges for when the children achieve certain goals. It started with a competition I ran for our Year 5 children. For the first half of this term the Year 5 classes were using 2DIY to create their own platform games. As a bit of an assessment task I set them the challenge of recreating the classic 80s game, “Manic Miner”. The children were given a brief description and were then given the rest of the 40 minute lesson to
I borrowed the badge-maker machine from the DT department and created “Manic Miner – Game Designer” badges for all the finalists as well as a bronze, silver and gold badge for the winners.create their game. I then selected a shortlist of finalists whose games were then uploaded to the web for a small panel of judges to evaluate.

I have since created badges for my bloggers to reward them for reaching a certain word count on their blog and also for my Year 6 ICT groups to encourage them to create more Games Console Top Trumps.



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