SKA – Skills, Knowledge and Attitude to Learning

During my ICT lessons I encourage the children (in years 5 to 8) to consider three areas: The Skills they can demonstrate and how they apply those skills. For example a child may be able to change the font of a piece of text, but have they changed it for a reason? Can they explain and justify […]

Are You Putting in the Effort?

I have just completed by second set of grade reports for this term in which we give the children a grade for their Achievement (A – E) and a grade for Effort (5 – 1) and I began to think about the Effort  grade. What does that Grade mean? What do children have to do in […]

Modelling Search Engines

In their ICT lesson next week Year 7 will be learning about Search Engines. Lesson Objective: To understand what search engines are and how they work At the beginning of each lesson the children are presented with a differentiated set of questions and they have to choose one question to answer. The idea of these […]

Half Term Review (Year 8) #WeHaveSecrets

Welcome to WHISPER – the Worldwide Headquarters for Information Security Protocols, Espionage and Reconnaissance. Your first mission is to generate your own personal codename. You have forty minutes in which to achieve your objective. Your time starts now. MISSION ONE The Trainee Agents are given a piece of Python code and some Code Comprehension questions asking them […]

“We Have Secrets” – CodeCraft

This year’s Year 8 Scheme of Work is entitled “We Have Secrets” (taking the initials of our school – Winchester House) and includes topics such as codes and coding, social media and e-safety, drones, driverless cars and future technology. The whole project is themed around the idea of spies and secret agents (the children generated a […]

#CaughtInTheNet – Year 7 Computing

This is a brief outline of Year 7’s first three Computing lessons this year. In the first lesson we talked briefly about computer networks and they wrote a definition of a computer network for their dICTionary. We then left the ICT room and went out onto the tennis courts. The children took their chairs with them and […]