Unlocking ICT Icons

During every lesson I give the children five questions to answer at some point during the lesson. These questions enable the children to hone their Internet Research skills, provide them with information about influential figures in the world of ICT (yes I still use the term ICT rather than Computing) and possibly more importantly give […]

Attitudes for Learning

I am currently developing a system of Badges which I plan to use as a way of rewarding children for the skills they can demonstrate, the knowledge they show and their attitude in lessons. As things stand I have five “tokens” that the children can earn during each lesson relating to their Attitudes for Learning. These are… Preparation: “Did you arrive […]

#QuickPost – Thinking About Differentiation

Recently, while planning next terms lessons, I had a bit of a revelation when think about how  to differentiate. Previously I had always thought of different activities (usually at three different levels) and therefore the outcomes were slightly different for different children. It occurred to me that really, what differentiation should be about is the […]

WWW Questioning Dice

Quick Idea… Imagine a die that has the words WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHO and WHEN on five of it’s sides (and ROLL AGAIN on its sixth). Children roll the die three times and have to answer a question about that lesson’s content. Hence the WWW. They could even be asked to write the question themselves. […]

SKA – Skills, Knowledge and Attitude to Learning

During my ICT lessons I encourage the children (in years 5 to 8) to consider three areas: The Skills they can demonstrate and how they apply those skills. For example a child may be able to change the font of a piece of text, but have they changed it for a reason? Can they explain and justify […]

Are You Putting in the Effort?

I have just completed by second set of grade reports for this term in which we give the children a grade for their Achievement (A – E) and a grade for Effort (5 – 1) and I began to think about the Effort  grade. What does that Grade mean? What do children have to do in […]

Modelling Search Engines

In their ICT lesson next week Year 7 will be learning about Search Engines. Lesson Objective: To understand what search engines are and how they work At the beginning of each lesson the children are presented with a differentiated set of questions and they have to choose one question to answer. The idea of these […]