WikiStars – the Game

If you have read my previous two posts or seen some of my recent tweets you will know that I am currently creating a system to reward children and motivate them to discover new information inspired by good old Top Trumps.

I have created a set of 30 cards for Year 6 to collect during their ICT lessons (they collect them by answering questions in order to ‘unlock’ the card and then add it to their deck). Because this set of cards covers the entire Year 6 scheme of work it contains topics ranging from Charles Babbage to the Game Boy to Kraftwerk. With a varied set of topics I needed to find a way to give them scores that could be compared and so I stumbled upon the idea of using Wikipedia statistics to give the scores. The cards don’t have categories on them – they simply have coloured scores each representing a different statistic from that topic’s page on Wikipedia (hence my name of WikiStars).

This does mean that the set of cards can be expanded or new sets created and combined as every card will have the same ‘categories’. (something Top Trumps can’t do)

Since coming up with this idea I have explored the cost of getting actual packs of cards created and I believe that if I could get enough interest in a set (say 100 people willing to purchase a pack) then they could be created and I could then sell them for around £5.

As I teacher I am automatically thinking of the classroom when coming up with ideas and so I imagine teachers suggesting a topic for a pack of cards – I have already had Greek Mythology suggested – and then through some Kickstarter style mechanic, if I get 100+ people committing to purchasing a pack they could then be created. Anyone could suggest a topic and if that topic then got enough votes it would then go through to the next Kickstarter-style stage.

So would a Greek Mythology set be useful to you in your classroom?

What other topics would you like to see?

Remember, due to the use of Wikipedia stats – as long as something has a Wikipedia page it can feature on a card, and cards from different packs could be combined.

The system I am using in class involves the children answering 5 questions to unlock the card and so each card would have these questions on them as well.

I also thought that if you suggested a topic and that topic proved popular enough to be produced then you would receive your pack free.


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