#ICTicon “Top Trumps”

In every lesson I plan on giving the children five questions to answer during the lesson. These questions will all be about one particular topic (which could be a person or a piece of technology etc). The reason for this is to give the children something to do if they ever find themselves waiting – either because they have finished part of a task or are stuck and are waiting for assistance. It also gives them chance to hone their Internet research skills and will hopefully give them some information that they will find interesting.

As part of my experiments in Gamification the children will earn Tokens for answering these questions.

In each set of five questions there will be a What, Where, When, Who and Why question and if they respond with a one-word answer they receive a Apprentice-level Bronze Token, a full-sentence answer earns them an Intermediate-level Silver Token and a more detailed response earns them a Master-level Gold Token. These tokens are awarded digitally via Google Sheets meaning that each pupil can see their own portfolio of Tokens and Badges (and share with their parents).

If they answer all five questions correctly then they unlock a Top Trump style #ICTicon card such as the examples below. (Year 6 will be composing soundtracks for their computer games using Sonic Pi and a bunch of chiptune samples and so all the questions will relate to pioneers of electronic music)

The children who unlock the most cards will be rewarded with House Points and hopefully the children will want to collect the cards (by the end of an academic year successful children should have a set of 36 cards to play with).

The element of the cards which I am most pleased with is the seemingly random scores. There are five categories on each card indicated by the stars and each star has a score. In order to generate scores that actually reflect the importance of different topics I have used statistics from Wikipedia using the Page Information link which is found in Wikipedia’s left-side menu:

  • Red Star = Page Length (in bytes)
  • Orange Star = Number of Page Watchers
  • Yellow Star = Number of Redirects to this Page
  • Light Green = Page Views in Past 30 Days
  • Dark Green = Total Number of Edits

By using these Wikipedia statistics I can create cards for the set for anything as long as it has a Wikipedia page meaning I can create cards for individuals such as Jean-Michel Jarre, groups such as Kraftwerk or even hardware like the CSIRAC computer.

Please let me know if you have an comments or suggestions or if you would like a set of cards for your classroom.




2 thoughts on “#ICTicon “Top Trumps”

  1. This is great! What does your Google Sheet look like? Would you mind sharing a little bit more about how that works?

  2. Here are a couple of Sheets I created to make sure the system works.
    There is one sheet which will contain all of the tokens with their descriptions

    and then a second sheet where I can input codes in order to allocate tokens to the children

    Each pupil could then in theory have their own individual sheet showing their own Token Portfolio which could be shared with parents.

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