Attitudes for Learning

I am currently developing a system of Badges which I plan to use as a way of rewarding children for the skills they can demonstrate, the knowledge they show and their attitude in lessons.

As things stand I have five “tokens” that the children can earn during each lesson relating to their Attitudes for Learning. These are…

  1. Preparation: “Did you arrive at the lesson ready to work?” – This means the child should be on time, have everything they need for the lesson and settle down quickly ready for the lesson to begin.
  2. Concentration: “Did you listen carefully to instructions, focus on your work and avoid distractions?”
  3. Contribution: “Did you join in with any class discussions or group work?”
  4. Presentation: “Did you take pride in the appearance of your work?”
  5. Completion: “Did you complete the task to the best of your ability?”

These tokens are on a sheet that the children receive at the beginning of each lesson and I can then simply tick them off to show that the relevant statements have been met.

There is another category of tokens called Approached to Learning which are used to reward children depending on what approach they use to complete a task or solve a problem. These will be the subject of my next post.

Please leave any comments, feedback, suggestions or constructive criticisms as this is a work in progress I hope to have complete ready for September.

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