SKA – Skills, Knowledge and Attitude to Learning

During my ICT lessons I encourage the children (in years 5 to 8) to consider three areas:

  1. The Skills they can demonstrate and how they apply those skills. For example a child may be able to change the font of a piece of text, but have they changed it for a reason? Can they explain and justify their choice of font?
  2. The Knowledge they have and how they show an understanding of that knowledge. For example, do they know what Social Media means, and can they explain why businesses may use specific forms of Social Media.
  3. Their Attitude to Learning which is defined by five statements, co-written by pupils, that define how a child would demonstrate an exemplary attitude to learning.

My intention is for their to be five skills specified for each lesson and every time they demonstrate a skill they earn Experience Points (XP). Some skills will be basic and will be worth 1XP whereas others will be harder or less likely to be shown and these may be worth 3XP. I am also considering introducing skills from other subjects – for example, my Year 5s are currently creating Wiki pages for fictional countries and so there could be an English Skill of using Capital Letters for Proper Nouns.

The Knowledge section could also include knowledge from other subjects. When Year 5 write about the geography of their country do they know the terms for parts of a river?

The sheet the children receive will have one section for the Skills in which they fill in boxes to show they have demonstrated that skill (like an XP status bar in a computer game). The Knowledge section will have the statements and the children will have to indicate in their books where they have shown that knowledge. For the Attitude to Learning section the children simply tick a box to show they think they have demonstrated a positive attitude.

All of this combines to give them a score which then leads into The Game, which is another blog post in itself.

As always comments are gratefully received.



2 thoughts on “SKA – Skills, Knowledge and Attitude to Learning

  1. Activating prior knowledge by prompting them to reflect on it is great for outcomes and doing so for knowledge gained from across curriculum is a great idea and must promote a healthy appreciation of education generally. Of course, this applies only if they CAN reflect on relevant areas which is why we should encourage participation from geography, art, science etc. in Ict work for example.

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