“We Have Secrets” – CodeCraft

This year’s Year 8 Scheme of Work is entitled “We Have Secrets” (taking the initials of our school – Winchester House) and includes topics such as codes and coding, social media and e-safety, drones, driverless cars and future technology. The whole project is themed around the idea of spies and secret agents (the children generated a spy code name by selecting a colour beginning with the first letter of their first name and an animal beginning with the initial of their surname – I am the Crimson Lion).

In this week’s lesson the children will look at how computers represent letters by using the ASCII code. They will begin by selecting a random 8-letter word (http://bestforpuzzles.com/lists/) and will then find the binary representations of each letter (http://sticksandstones.kstrom.com/appen.html). They will record the binary numbers in an 8×8 grid and the they will create a visual representation of this grid in Minecraft using TNT to represent the 1s and any other block for the 0s. They will take a screenshot of their encoded message before detonating the message in true “Mission Impossible” style.

Their screenshots will then be printed out so that another member of the class can decode it to find the original word.

I will post some of the screenshots tomorrow.



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