ICT Achievements

This week I introduced the idea of Unlocking ICT Achievements to years 5 and 6. I presented them with a list of 7 PowerPoint based Achievements and explained that Apprentice Level skills were worth 1 point, Qualified are worth 2 and Master Level are worth 3 points.

The children then set about creating a presentation about a person of their choice. I wanted to see how they would get on with minimal intervention from myself. I wanted to know how they would explore hte program, overcome difficulties and support each other.  I was also interested in how the new children in the class would get on.

I found that the list of Achievements really focussed the children and many of them looked at the list of skills and set about discovering how to do them. I stressed to the children that this was their opportunity to show me what they can do and that they should only award themselves points if they could do something without anyone elses help. I also allowed the children who showed others how to do something to award themselves extra points.

A few children unlocked the Get Animated skill simply by animating every single thing in their slideshow. This demonstrated they knew how to do it which is what this system is all about but then allowed me to comment on the effectiveness and appropriateness of their animations.

After looking at the work they have produced I was then able to define three levels of work;

  • An Apprentice level presentation was one where the child had not deviated from the default settings.
  • A Qualified level presentation showed that the child knew how to change backgrounds, add animations, format text etc.
  • A Master level presentation showed that the child had really considered their design, their audience and had shown a consistency throughout their presentation.

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