ICT Achievements

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For quite a while now I have been trying to develop a system to track our pupils’ ICT skills. This system needs to abide by the following principles…

1. Be thorough and detailed so that it actually means something
2. Be usable throughout the school (from KS1 to KS3)
3. Be easy for staff to use and understand
4. Be engaging for the pupils and simple for them to manage themselves
5. Be compatible with other planning / assessment systems already in place.

The system I am working on is heavily inspired by Minecraft and in particular the Achievements within Minecraft. If you are not a Minecraft player then this link will give an indication as to what I mean –> http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Achievements

The way my system should work is as follows…

Each child will receive a booklet of ICT Achievements. These Achievements will range from the very simple such as printing their work through to changing settings on a printer for different sized paper. Each Achievement will be a particular skill – something the children can actually do – and will be graded as either Apprentice (for the simplest tasks), Qualified or Master (for the more difficult).

Each time a child demonstrates a particular skill they will receive Experience Points (XP). The number of XP will be determined by the level of the Achievement – so an Apprentice Achievement will be worth 1 XP, a Qualified Achievement = 2 XP and a Master Achievement will be worth 3 XP. The children will record their Experience Points in their booklet and once they have filled their XP Bar (12 XP) they can then be awarded their Achievement. This could be as a sticker or as a digital badge. This means that to gain an Apprentice Achievement they have to demonstrate the skill 12 times but for a Master Achievement they only have to demonstrate it 4 times.

I am currently working on the list of Achievements on this Google Doc and I would welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments about this idea.



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