#SuperHeroSocialNetwork – Revealing Personal Information

For the second lesson in the project we will be discussing the subject of putting personal information online.

The children will continue in their Super Hero/Villain characters and each child will be given access to their rivals ‘Top Secret’ roster which consists of a Google Spreadsheet containing every Super Hero along with scores for their different abilities (see here for an example). Each child will also be able to look at the roster for their own team so that they can see their own scores.

I will provide each child with a Top Trumps style template (created in www.bighugelab.com) and they will use this to create a card for their ‘real’ identities. They will put their real name and the card will also contain the same categories as the spreadsheet. The children will be asked to pick one score from the spreadsheet that MUST remain the same on the card and then they will use random.org to generate the other 5 scores. This means that some of the other scores may be the same as in the spreadsheet but their will definitely be one piece of information the same.

Once the cards are complete they will be handed over to the opposing team who will use the information on the cards and the information in the spreadsheet to try and identify which Super Hero/Villain is which child.

For example if my character had the following scores in the spreadsheet…

  • Strength = 99
  • Speed = 90
  • Teamwork = 80
  • Intelligence = 97
  • Agility = 82

and on my card I wrote the scores…

  • Strength = 96
  • Speed = 90 (the score I selected to be the same)
  • Teamwork = 94
  • Intelligence = 97 (a score randomly selected that happens to match)
  • Agility = 87

Then the opposing team would be able to match me to my Superhero identity by matching the scores for Speed and Intelligence.

The winning team will be the one that correctly identifies more of their enemy.


One thought on “#SuperHeroSocialNetwork – Revealing Personal Information

  1. I am currently tweaking the number of values and ranges etc so that it gives a fair chance of being able to identify someone

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