#SuperHeroSocialNetwork – Episode One

I am currently working on an idea for an e-safety unit of work for Year 8 based around the idea of Super Heroes and Social Media.

I have used http://superhero.namegeneratorfun.com/ to generate characters for every child in Year 8 and have divided them into two teams – one of heroes and one of villains. These teams are the World Hero Squad and S.H.A.D.O.W. (The Sinister Harbingers of Atrocity, Destruction and Open Warfare).

The first lesson will focus on Password Security and cryptography. My idea is to have each class split in half so there are equal numbers of the World Hero Squad and SHADOW. They will be given their super hero identities but will be told to keep these secret.

In the first task the children will be paired against a member of the opposing team (but they wont know which child). They will then work on a shared Google doc and the aim of the first challenge is to discover their opponents ‘password’. Each child will be asked to think of a five letter word to be their password and they will take it in turns to make a guess by typing in their prediction.

If any of the letters in the guess are correct but in the wrong position then the owner of the password will turn those letters red. If any letters are correct and in the right place then the letter gets turned green. They keep taking it in turns until one person guesses the correct password and wins a point for their team (the World Hero Squad will always get first guess).

Once they have solved the first password they then will be asked to think up a random 5 letter password (i.e. gshei) and will replay the game.

This will lead into further discussion about the importance of secure passwords and how encryption is used to keep them secure.


One thought on “#SuperHeroSocialNetwork – Episode One

  1. I played this with Chris today. I thought I had him on the run but then he beat me! It’s a great idea and I think that children (and adults) would enjoy trying to decipher the password. Basically it is a bit like Mastermind with green and red indicators – green for letters that are correct and in the right position and red for those that are right letters but in the wrong place. I loved the use of collaborative forms so you could actively see your opponents moves in real time. Great idea and lots of fun.

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