#HereBeDragons : Strebor the Classical takes on the Dragons

King Hcael of Ict has decided to hire a Royal Wizard. He has received applications for the position from 13 wizards. On their applications they have all provided scores out of 100 for the following categories:

  1. Intelligence       
  2. Luck                    
  3. Wealth                
  4. Skill                   
  5. Strength
  6. Reliability

The first task for the children, who had  been appointed Advisors to the King, was to rank the categories in order of importance. They were then supplied with Top Trump style cards for each of the wizards and they had to sort them using a Bubble Sort technique so that they were in order according to what they had decided was the most important category. They then eliminated the bottom two wizards and resorted them according to the next most important category. This continued until they were left with one wizard remaining. Even though each pair ordered the categories slightly differently they all nominated Strebor the Classical and he was therefore hired by King Hcael.

The children were then shown the following Spell Algorithm:

FOR Each Dragon

Dragon.Magic + Dragon.Ferocity < Wizard.Skill + Wizard.Intelligence


         Dragon.Strength = Dragon.Strength-20


         Wizard.Strength = Wizard.Strength-2

    End IF


         Dragon.Strength = 0 OR < 0


         Dragon.Alive = False

    AND IF

         Wizard.Strength = 0 OR < 0


         Wizard.Alive = False

    End If


This meant that each time a dragon attacked the children had to add its scores for Magic and Ferocity together and compare it with Strebor’s combined score for Skill and Intelligence. If Strebor won then the dragon would have 20 subtracted from its strength but if the dragon won then Strebor would lose 2 points. Once a dragon was down to 0 then it had been defeated by Strebor and no longer posed a threat to Ict.

To decide which dragons attacked the children used this random name selector to pick a dragon. They then looked the dragon up on the Google Spreadsheet they created last week, added to scores up, compared them to Strebors and adjusted scores as necessary.

Strebor was quite successful and the following dragons were defeated:

Miath the Barbarian
Rusorth, Lord of the Skies
Cheselth, Gentle Mind
Seralth the Warm
Tavurth Braveheart

Next week the Dragon Hunters will have their turn to defeat the dragons and they will also go on a hunt for dragon eggs.


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