#HereBeDragons : Wanted, One Wizard

For one of their activities in the “Here Be Dragons” project the children will have to sort through some job applications for the position of Master Wizard. The wizards will all be named after our Heads of Department and so the 13 applicants are…

  • Gnilrig the Mathematical
  • Worraf the Literate
  • Yelir the Geographical
  • Mallig the Historical
  • Poots the Athletic
  • Strebor the Classical
  • Nospmoht the Scientific
  • Spillihp the Religious
  • Llit the Artistic
  • Llih the Technical
  • Dleiftahc the Musical
  • Etihw the Linguist
  • Yetap the Green

Each of the wizards will have submitted an application form that contains randomly generated scores for the following categories:

  • Skill
  • Reliability
  • Strength
  • Luck
  • Wealth
  • Intelligence

The children, working in pairs, will have to decide in which order to prioritise these criteria. They will then use a bubble sort to sort the wizards according to what they regard to be the most important category. They will then dismiss the bottom two applicants and then resort the remaining wizards by the next category and so on until only one candidate remains.

Mallig the Historical

The wizard who receives the most nominations from the children will be appointed High Magician by King Hcael of Ict.


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