#HereBeDragons : Episode Two – Dragon Hunters

After the census has been complete the children will generate their Dragon Hunter names. To do this they need to reverse their first name and then add a suitable adjective that begins with the first letter of their surname. So my Dragon Hunter name would be…

Sirhc the Legendary (what is your Dragon Hunter name?)

They will then begin to ‘hunt’ for dragons and record them in a Google Doc spreadsheet.

They will use the Dragon Name Generator and then will use Random.org to generate scores for the following categories:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Magic
  • Intelligence
  • Ferocity

They should then discover that there are now more than 7 dragons terrorising the land of Ict!


3 thoughts on “#HereBeDragons : Episode Two – Dragon Hunters

  1. The members of my maths set who are not away on matches have just generated their Dragon Hunter names – so we have:

    Adlitam the Wise
    Eisor the Good
    Ybot the Evil

  2. I am following this lesson with great interest, hoping to maybe recreate a version of it next year. So creative-can’t wait to see your final feedback on your lesson reflections. Thanks for your inspiring work!

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