#HereBeDragons : Episode Two – The Census

As a result of the continuing Dragon attacks in the land of Ict. The King has demanded that each village carries out a census of its population.

The children will be told that every village has to display its population by using flags. They will use a binary system in which a white flag represents a zero and a red flag represents a 1. The children will be given the population of each village in numbers and will then be asked to work out in what order they need to fly the flags. The largest population of any of the villages is 127 so their first task will be to work out how many flags are needed (7).

So, for example, the village of Riley has a population of 87 and so will fly the following flags:

Red  White  Red  White  Red  Red  Red

Because 87 in binary is 1010111

The villages are all named after various teachers and their locations are their classrooms. The populations have all been randomly generated using random.org .


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