#RethinkingICT KS3 PoS – 1st Draft

Here is the first draft of my #RethinkingICT Programme of Study for KS3. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions on how it can be improved.

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

1. Digital Literacy

  • Pupils should:
  • a) understand how data is represented and the difference between file formats and be able to convert files from one format to another.
  • b) be able to select and use a combination of Digital Tools in order to achieve the desired outcome
  • c) understand how to manage their Digital Footprint and online identity safely and responsibly (e-Safety)
  • d) learn about Creative Commons and understand the issues of copyright, intellectual property and the need to credit sources
  • e) understand Open Source


2. Digital Creativity (Digital Authoring)

  • Pupils should:
  • a) be able to carry out audience research, gather and analyse audience feedback and then present their final product to the audience
  • b) learn how to program in at least two different programming languages
  • c) learn how to plan, design, create and evaluate Digital Artefacts that work across multiple platforms and involve multiple devices
  • d) be able to take responsibility for their input into a project whether it be an independent or group project


3. Digital Technology

  • Pupils should:
  • a) learn how different computer networks work.
  • b) should be able to de-construct existing technologies and then recombine to create something new.
  • c) learn how key algorithms work (sort and search)
  • d) be able to identify and describe some of the major developments and pioneers in the history of ICT.
  • e) be able to predict technology that may be developed in the next 10 years.


4. Digital Society

  • Pupils should:
  • a) learn about Big Data and its impact on society
  • b) learn about the legal implications of using Social Media
  • c) understand the environmental issues relating to the manufacture and disposal of ICT
  • d) be able to consider the impact large corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Apple have on society around the world.

  5. Breadth of Study

  • During the key stage, pupils should be taught the Knowledge, skills and understanding through:
  • a) working with a wide range of Digital Tools
  • b) being given the freedom and opportunities to ‘tinker
  • c) investigating and exploring uses of ICT inside and outside of school

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