#RethinkingICT Programme of Study for KS1

It has been a while since I have worked on the RethinkingICT wiki but I have recently returned to the KS1 section and here is the current draft of my version of the Programme of Study for ICT at KS1. (I am confident that it covers everything that is in the proposed Computing curriculum.)

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

Digital Literacy

  • Pupils should be taught:
  • a) how to manage files and folders that they use regularly (Digital Artefacts)
  • b) how to identify and use basic Digital Tools
  • c) how to use a web browser to find specific websites and navigate between pages and how to communicate safely and respectfully online
  • d) that information and data can be stored in a variety of different ways.
  • e) that computers can be used to simulate different scenarios

Digital Creativity

  • Pupils should:
  • a) learn how to use a range of Digital Tools to create Digital Artefacts
  • b) learn how to consider their audience when creating Digital Artefacts
  • c) learn how to write and test simple programs (algorithms)
  • d) learn to be comfortable working independently or as part of a small team

Digital Technology

  • Pupils should:
  • a) learn that computers are controlled by sequences of instructions that they can store in their memory.
  • b) learn that many devices now contain computers and be able to recognise examples of Digital Tools used in everyday life.
  • c) learn that computers accept inputs, follow a stored sequence of instructions and produce outputs.
  • d) learn that algorithms are sets of instructions that tell a computer how to achieve a specific goal.

Digital Society

  • Pupils should:
  • a) learn about examples of how ICT is used outside of school in their everydalives

Breadth of Study

  • During the key stage, pupils should be taught the Knowledge, skills and understanding through:
  • a) working with a wide range of Digital Tools
  • b) being given the freedom and opportunities to ‘tinker
  • c) investigating and exploring uses of ICT inside and outside of school

One thought on “#RethinkingICT Programme of Study for KS1

  1. Fantastic – will be using that. I am about to return to my cobbled SOW from last summer and will use your outline – love the explict creativity, teamword. Wondered about computational thinking and a link to sorting/sequencing also about basic technical vocabulary….

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