10 Key Skills

I am going through all the units in our revised ICT Schemes of Work for Years 3 to 8 and trying to identify the 10 Key Skills children will develop during that unit. Once they have demonstrated these skills then they can be awarded the Badge for that unit. This will also help me track progression through the school and also give children who achieve a Badge early a path to continue developing their skills.

Here are the 10 Key Skills for the Year 3 Poetry Anthology Unit

  1. I can change the colour of the text.
  2. I can change the size of the text.
  3. I can change the font.
  4. I can insert images.
  5. I can position images on the page.
  6. I can add a page border.
  7. I can change the alignment of the text. (left, right, centred and justified)
  8. I can change the format of the text. (bold, italic, underline)
  9. I can save my work in the correct location.
  10. I can print my work

Once these have all been achieved they will receive the Word Processing Wizard Badge

And here are the 10 Key Skills for the Year4 “Let’s Present!” Unit which well result in the Presentation Pro Badge.

  1. I can create new slides for my presentation.
  2. I can take digital photographs.
  3. I can import photos into my slideshow.
  4. I can add text to my slideshow.
  5. I can create hyperlinks in my slideshow.
  6. I can add slide transitions to my slideshow.
  7. I can record a voice-over for my presentation.
  8. I can import audio clips into my presentation.
  9. I can work as member of a team.
  10. I can present my work to an audience

The other aspect of assessment I am trying to work on is the application of these skills. In this unit the children are asked to change the format of words in a poem depending on the word – so what font would be appropriate for the word “sharp” for example. Children may well be able to change the font and therefore achieving that Key Skill but I also need a way of assessing their choices and application of this skill. To achieve this I am considering having different levels for each badge so that children who simply demonstrate the skill get Level 1 through to children who really apply these skills and can explain their choices achieving the Level 3 Word Processing Wizard Badge.


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