Inspection : Year 7 ICT

Yesterday I was observed during my year 7 ICT lesson. Over the past couple of weeks the children have been using Codecademy to learn the basics of HTML. This has followed on from their work on how the Internet works.

In yesterday’s lesson I gave them each a printout of the HTML code for a vet simple webpage. I asked them to highlight all the various tags and invited them to predict what the unfamiliar tags were for. I then showed them the webpage and demonstrated how to edit the code, save and then refresh the page.

We talked about the hexadecimal codes used for specifying colours and that they could use any digit from 0 to 9 as well as the letters A to F.

The children were then given the opportunity to tinker with the code. I asked them to think of a specific topic they wanted to make their page about and then asked them to start to edit the code to add more links, images etc as well as experimenting with the layout of tables.

The lesson went really well and several of the children asked if they could continue their work at break. Cameron was even working on his shark website in the Boarding House last night.



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