Y5 Battle of the Bands

In ICT this half term the children in Year 6 will be designing the cover for the debut album of an unsigned band. So far they have all been given the name of their band and today they began to work on designing the logo for the band.

You can see some of their logo ideas on our Battle of the Bands Blog.

The children have been told that the bands are all real and that I have been given a list of bands that have sent their demo tapes into a record company. The children will be posting the work they do on the blog and it would be fantastic if I could get some volunteers to take on the role of the manager of each band. This would only involve leaving the occasional comment on the children’s work but the children are very motivated and engaged by the idea of having a genuine client and I want to make that illusion as real as possible.

If you fancy yourself as the manager of a rock band then check out the list of bands on the blog and let me know which one/s you would like to ‘manage’ by leaving me a comment here or on Twitter.


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