“My Best Friend is a Cyber-Bully”

In their ICT lessons this half term Year 6 are working on short videos about cyberbullying. They have started off by researching the topic of cyberbullying so that they understand what the term means and also get an understanding of how it can make people feel. They have also started to write the script for a TV programme in the style of the Jeremy Kyle Show. Their script has to have three characters (the show’s host, the victim and the bully) and it has to begin with the host introducing the topic and explaining what cyberbullying is. The host will then interview the victim to find out how being bullied makes them feel. The bully will be interviewed next so that we can try to understand why someone might decide to start bullying someone else and then finally the victim and bully will be interviewed together and the show will end happily with the bully apologising to the victim. The children will also create a photo-story using Comic Life to illustrate how the bullying takes place.

Once the videos are complete they will be posted on the school’s ICT blog and the best ones will receive a prize.

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