Music Technology

In their ICT lesson last week Year 5 were given a brief history of the technology that has allowed us to record and play back music. We started back in 1877 with the invention of the Phonograph which used cylinders to record and play audio. The Phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison and in 1895 Emile Berliner invented the Gramophone. By 1948 vinyl records had become standardised as the LP record. The audio cassette was introduced in 1963 and in 1982 Philips introduced the Compact Disc. In 1991 Sony introduced the MiniDisc which they hoped would replace the CD but the introduction of the MP3 file format in 1995 prevented the MiniDisc from taking over. In 2001 Apple launched iTunes and the very first iPod. Nowadays most music is bought as downloaded MP3 files and you can still purchase CDs (although many High Street retailers such as HMV are disappearing as online purchases become more and more popular).


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