#piratemaths Episode Three : Back to Base

piratemaths3The third instalment of our Pirate Maths week saw my little bunch of pirates try and escape from the treasure island and find their way back to base. The children were put into pairs and given an A3 piece of squared paper. They were told that this sheet was a chart of the ocean and they had to mark one of the squares around the edge as their base camp. They then picked a starting point near the middle of the paper and they used a 2×2 lego brick to represent their pirate ship. The children then used the pack of cards again to work out the directions they would sail in. The number on the card told them how many squares to move and then the suit told them the direction…

  • Hearts = North
  • Spades = East
  • Diamonds = South
  • Clubs = West

They took it in turns to pick a card and move their ship. Every time they gained a card it increased their relevant character score and if they landed on their base they got to pick a bonus five cards. If two ships landed on the same square they had a battle and picked a card each – the highest card won the battle and got to take three cards off of their opponent.

If the number shown on the card meant that they reached the edge of the paper then they had to stop and wait until they were given instructions that meant they could set sail again.


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