#piratemaths Episode Two : Buried Treasure

In today’s exciting instalment of the #piratemaths adventure my little band of pirates buried their treasure.

I gave each of them a sheet with a 13 x 13 grid marked on it. This was their treasure map. Underneath I had written…

Treasure Chest

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

I asked them to mark the hidden location of each of their treasure chests by writing A, B, C, D and E somewhere on the map. We then had to calculate how much treasure was in each chest. I dealt each child 1 card and they multiplied the value by 5 to work out how many gold pieces were in each chest. As with the previous lesson, each time the children received a card it gave them points on their character sheets.

Once every pirate had buried their treasure it was then time to try and discover each others. Each child took it in turns to pick 2 cards and this gave them the co-ordinates for where they wanted to dig for treasure. All of the other pirates then checked their maps to see if their treasure was discovered or safe. If no treasure was uncovered then the next child picked two cards and so on. If treasure was found then the pirate who found it claimed all the treasure in that chest and buried it somewhere else on their map. This meant that it could be discovered by another pirate later in the game.

We continued searching for each other’s treasure until just before the end of the lesson when the children added up the total amount of treasure they had hidden.

The final treasure troves were as follows…

  • Cap’n Misty Bloodsmear = 110 gold pieces
  • Pirate Skyler the Dagger = 125 gold pieces
  • Gorgeous Wilma Smithe = 130 gold pieces
  • Pantin’ Bart Hacke = 160 gold pieces
  • Puffy Shirt Bailey = 170 gold pieces
  • Moanin’ Ian Teach = 190 gold pieces
  • Lazy Eye Bill = 195 gold pieces
  • Decayin’ Harvey Hacke = 215 gold pieces
  • Nervous Vinny Scarr = 285 gold pieces

In tomorrow’s adventure the pirates will be attempting to get their treasure safely back to their pirate homes.

Year 4 have started blogging and Gorgeous Wilma Smith (aka Matilda) has written about her pirate maths.

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