#piratemaths Episode One : A Time to Set Sail

For today’s #piratemaths lesson my little bunch of pirates set sail for the Treasure Island. I provided them with a sheet with 9 clock faces without hands (kindly created by Lynda Dixon @e_gran) and explained that they would be using these to record the time each of them set sail for the island as well as the time each of them arrived.

I explained to the children that the pirates use playing cards to leave secret messages for each other and so the times could be revealed by dealing the cards. The first card the child received revealed the hour (in the morning) that they set sail. They then received a second card with the following code…

  • hearts = 0 minutes past
  • clubs = 15 minutes past
  • diamonds = 30 minutes past
  • spades = 45 minutes past

Once they had received their two cards they were then able to mark the hands on their clock face.

We also used the character sheets that they had generated in the previous lesson and I explained that each time they received a card their scores would be adjusted as follows.

  • Luck +1 for evey 7
  • Cunning +1 for every spade
  • Reputation +1 for every Jack, Queen or King
  • Fear +1 for every club
  • Courage +1 for every heart
  • Pieces of 8 +1 for every 8
  • Diamonds +1 for every diamond

This meant that if they received the 8 of diamonds they would gain a Piece of 8 and a Diamond

Once every child had generated their time of departure we repeated the task to discover the time they arrived on the island. This time every time would be in the afternoon and the children were all trying to then work out how long their journey had arrived. The children who jointly arrived on the island first both gained bonus Luck points.

Tomorrow they will be burying their treasure on the island and on Friday we will have the Pirate Awards where certificates will be awarded for The Most Courageous Pirate etc.


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