#Piratemaths : The Adventure Begins

Next week my maths set will be undertaking a series of  ‘adventures’ during their maths lessons. Adventures such as “The Mystery of the Dead Man’s Watch” and “The Pirate Treasure Map Mystery”. In each ‘adventure’ the children will earn points depending on how well they get on with the tasks and by the end of the week we should have a Pirate King.

This morning to kick off the project the children created their Pirate characters. I gave them a sheet with the following headings on…

  • Pirate Name
  • Luck
  • Cunning
  • Reputation
  • Fear
  • Courage
  • Pieces of 8
  • Diamonds

We used the Pirate Name Generator to come up with our Pirate names and as a result…

  • Noah became Lazy Eye Bill
  • Rosie became Cap’n Misty Bloodsmear
  • Toby became Moanin’ Ian Teach
  • Matilda became Gorgeous Wilma Smithe
  • Lucas became Pirate Skyler the Dagger
  • Seb became Nervous Vinny Scarr
  • Julian became Pantin’ Bart Hacke
  • AJ became Decayin’ Harvey Hacke
  • and I became Puffy Shirt Bailey

(I had checked what all the generated names would be before hand)

We then moved on to creating their scores for the different categories using a pack of cards.

For Luck I simply dealt each child 5 cards and they had to add up the scores. (I scored 39)

For cunning I dealt each child 5 cards and then explained that they could now pass their lowest card to the pirate to their left. They passed their cards 3 times and then had to add up the numbers on the cards. (I scored 29)

For the reputation category I explained that they would be dealt 3 cards and had to get as many members of the royal family as possible. They were given 3 opportunities to swap a card or stick with their hand. They then scored 10 points for every King, Queen or Jack they had but had to then subtract any remaining cards. Any who ended up with no picture cards scored 0. (I was lucky and scored 30)

For Fear they were dealt five cards and told they could only count the black ones. (I scored 33)

For Courage they were again dealt five cards but could only count any Hearts. (I scored 0)

We then got onto treasure and Pieces of 8. Each child was dealt 8 cards and they had to use those cards to make ‘pieces of 8’. An 8 was an automatic ‘piece of 8’ but they could then combine other cards – for example a 3 and a 5 would make a ‘piece of 8’. (I ended up with only 1)

For diamonds we went through two packs of cards, dealing them one at a time to the children. They were told that there were some fake diamonds and some diamonds buried in the ground. If the card dealt to them was a diamond then that was just a fake diamond and didn’t count but if they were dealt a spade this meant they could dig for diamonds and so they were dealt another card. If this was a second spade then they could keep digging and if it was a diamond then they collected a diamond and could dig again. (I had one diamond)

By the end each child had their pirate character sheet and their scores may change as we complete the ‘adventures’ next week.

At the end of the lesson we had time to take some photos of them in their scariest, evil pirate poses and I used their scores to create their very own Top Trumps cards using Big Huge Labs.

Gorgeous Wilma Smithe

On Monday the first ‘Adventure’ will be “The Mystery of the Dead Man’s Watch” which will see the children working on problems relating to time. I will try and blog regularly during the week.


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