#gtp2012 An Introduction

#gtp2012 tells the story of the Gunpowder Plot in real-time from the point of view of several of the characters involved. The tweets have all been written by children from various schools and have been scheduled to be sent over the next couple of weeks to retell the events of late October, early November 1605.

The tweeting characters are…

Robert Catesby (@rcatesby1572)
Francis Tresham (@ftresham1567)
Everard Digby (@edigby1578)
Thomas Wintour (@twintour1571)
Christopher Wright (@cwright1570)
John Wright (@jwright1568)
Thomas Percy (@tpercy1560)
Ambrose Rookwood (@arookwood1578)
John Grant (@jgrant1570)
Stephen Littleton (@slittleton1575)
The Earl of Salisbury (@EarlSalisbury)
Lord Monteagle (@LordMonteagle)
King James I (@kingjamesstuart)

and more characters may join soon


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