Tablets for Staff

I have recently been told that our Governors have approved quite a bit of investment in our ICT infrastructure. Our network is being upgraded and the wireless is being improved. I am also looking to increase the technology available to teachers and students. My thoughts on this keep changing but my current plan is as follows:

As we use Chrome as our default browser in the ICT room and on the laptops I think having some form of consistency among devices could be a good thing rather than introducing Apple into the mix.

I would really appreciate any thoughts on this.



4 thoughts on “Tablets for Staff

  1. I don’t know your staff obviously; you might have a very tech savvy group – but I can’t imagine the majority would use the tablet on a regular basis. Surely a better model would be to give it to the teachers with more advanced ICT skills and assess their usefulness from these teachers? It’s much like the IWB situation – and if teachers aren’t using those for more than touching a powerpoint slide then you’ve got no hope with them connecting via VNC to control the board or taking the register via the touch screen keyboard…

    1. my plan is to be able to demonstrate the possibilities and then ask staff to ‘bid’ for one – i.e. get them to explain how they would use it in order to justify the purchase. SO i am not expecting to provide every member of staff with one but rather only those who would actually make use of it.

      1. Ah. This is fine =)

        I’d prefer a nexus 7 but I’m used to typing on small keyboards. I’ve got a HP Touchpad, an RM Slate (Win 8) and an Onda Vi40 Elite – and while the Touchpad’s my current one of choice I absolutely see the usefulness on Win8 on a tablet. Have you thought about waiting a couple of months and just getting staff these?

        My use of Android tablet in ICT -> VNC to board, couple of useful ed apps, HDMI to show directly to board for apps creation etc, emails and register.
        My use of Win8 tablet in ICT -> all android + FormatFactory, writing office docs, possible SIMS directly on tablet, other native apps we use in school….

  2. Initital thoughts…

    What do you want them to be able to do with them?

    How’s it going to improve / compliment their teaching and learning?

    Can you get the tablet onto the screen? Apple’s airplay is a massive bonus here.

    Worth holding out until next month I’d suggest to look at rumoured iPad mini and/or new Windows tablets.

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