#RethinkingICT Wiki

Almost a month ago the first ever #RethinkingICT conference took place at my school. It was a fantastic day that I hope was enjoyed by all that attended. I hope to blog about it all in more detail at some point in the future. The day saw some great discussions take place about the future direction of ICT in our schools and I really wanted to make sure that the day was just the beginning – and so i have set up the RethinkingICT Wiki in which I hope to produce an alternative for the now disapplied ICT Programmes of Study.

I am really keen that this should be a document that is flexible and ‘open source’ so if you want to contribute then please just sign up on the Wiki and let me know via a comment or on Twitter (@chrisleach78).



One thought on “#RethinkingICT Wiki

  1. Hi Chris, It was a great conference and now I have seen your super work on the SOW. Fab. I am about to start adapting our sow/plans…. KS1. I have requested sign up on the wik.

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