QR Codes

In Year 8 ICT we have been covering the topic of cryptography and this week the focus of the lesson was QR Codes. We talked about how QR Codes are used and where we might find them – we looked through the day’s newspapers to see how many we could find. I then wanted the children to create their own. I decided that with the school’s Open Morning looming I would get the children to create a QR Code Tour of the school. They were all asked to write a short description of various locations around the school and they then used http://www.qrstuff.com to turn these descriptions into a QR Code that would be placed outside each room. The idea being that visitors could scan the code to find out more about the room and the teacher who is based there. Admittedly at this basic level it is all a bit gimmicky as I could have simply stuck the descriptions up outside the rooms. However I am now thinking ahead and can see that these little QR Codes could be very effective to link to video clips of activities going on in each room. I have no ICT lessons on a Saturday morning and so the visitors only get to see an empty room – a QR Code linked to a video of a lesson going on would be great. Similarly for the main hall and sports hall QR Codes linked to videos could be used to show the different range of events and sports that take place. AT the entrance to the Music School QR codes could show the range of instruments the children have the opportunity to learn as well as clips of the Orchestra and Choir.

I am just beginning to experiment with QR Codes and know that many other people have already been doing some fantastic work with them and I am sure I will be blogging about my further adventures with QR Codes soon.


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