Host the Olympics : Year 7 ICT

This morning Year 7 began this term’s ICT project entitled “Host the Olympics”. The basic aim of the project is for the children to work in small groups and put together a bid on behalf of a city of their choice to host the world cup. In the final lesson of the project they will be presenting their pitch to a “panel of experts” and during the project they will have opportunities to design leaflets and posters to promote their chosen city. They will have to research their city and will also be given some freedom to decide what else they would like to create to support their bid. For example they might design mascots or plan their opening ceremony.

This morning the first group began the project by trying to choose a city to represent. We started by discussing the factors that might affect the decision to award the Olympics to a particular city. The children were then split into pairs to select a city to represent. I gave them two rules: they could not choose a city that has already hosted the Olympic Games and they could not choose a city in a country that has hosted the games in the past 30 years.

The children then had to research Olympic host cities in order to come up with their selection. They had to come up with five reasons supporting their choice of city and then they had to present these to the rest of the class. In the first group the chosen cities were…

  1. Wellington (New Zealand)
  2. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  3. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  4. Kingston (Jamaica joint hosting with other Caribbean countries)
  5. Lyon (France)

These selections were then posted on our ICT blog for people to vote for their favourite. The votes will be counted in next weeks lesson and will go towards the project’s “Medal Table”. After each task the children’s work will be posted online and votes will continually be counted. By the end of the project the group with the highest total will win the Gold Medal and we will then have a presentation ceremony during our Olympics Week in June.

Please take a few seconds to vote by visiting our ICT blog.

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