CD Album Covers : Year 5 ICT

Today Year 5 started this term’s ICT project during which they will be designing covers for fictitious bands (they think the bands are all unsigned bands who want covers designed for their debut albums). Today we allocated band names to each of the children. The band names were simply generated using the random page facility in Wikipedia. The children then experimented with different typefaces to create a logo for their band.

They will go on to find an image to suit their band name or album title using a CC image search and then will combine this image with their band name logo. Their designs will then be posted on our ICT blog for people to vote on in a Battle of the Bands.

The band names are…

Sea Isle City


Yamal Project

Order of the Dragon

Code 3


Canterbury Jack

Mackenzie South

Skull Monkeys

Tokyo Post

Willow Lane

Big Idea

Strawberry Hill

Toi Market

Flaming Volcano

West Point Railroad

Texas Revolution


Jack Mix

Lake Harris

Logan City

Eastside Playhouse

Infinite Road

Turoc County

Sunday Reed

Pyramid Lake

Red Faction

Savannah Sparrow


Macassar Strand

Conus Tiki

One thought on “CD Album Covers : Year 5 ICT

  1. I love this idea. It just works on so many levels and can be as challenging and creative as your imagination will allow. Great idea.

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