Before Easter I bought four Big Trak programmable vehicles for the ICT department. The idea being that they would provide progression from our little swarm of beebots.
I am going to use the Big Traks (which have been named Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde) with Year 3 first. They are going to build up to an activity that will tie into my Olympic Challenges – this time based on gymnastics events. One idea is for the children to ‘choreography’ a beam routine. We will mark out a ‘beam’ on the floor and the Big Trak will have to remain on the beam. It can turn, move forwards and backwards and fire its laser but must do so on the beam, in a set time limit and to music. Final routines could then be judged.


2 thoughts on “OlymBIG GymnasTRAKS

  1. Do you prefer the big track to the old Valiant Roamer? There has been chatter about a new ‘robot’ version of the Roamer. Love the idea of olymbig gmnas tacks. We have a big track and I was deciding whether to replace our old Roamers with more big tracks or with the new Roamer.
    How about an international edge to your bigtrackpics – well with competitors in Brighton? We could try online or as a first step record our routines and find some online judges to give us points!

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