A Teacher’s Journey : Part 4

The first six months at Winchester House School went incredibly quickly and there was so much to get used to such as the differences between State and Independent schools (longer days and Saturday school versus longer holidays). I was also teaching a wide range of ages from Year 8 all the way down to Nursery and also had duties as part of the boarding staff. Living on-site has also proved to have its benefits and drawbacks. It is cheap and I could, in theory, get from my bedroom to the ICT room without going outside in about 30 seconds. During term-time it is very noisy with classrooms below our bedrooms and next to our kitchen and living room and it is also a very old building with cold stone walls and draughty windows.
Looking back at those first two terms I can see that I was really still finding my feet – I taught pretty much from the existing plans and didn’t try and change things too much or introduce new ideas too quickly. The one ‘new’ thing I tried was the 1066 Election and this went down really well and I got a lot of praise from Senior Team about my ideas. This and the constant support from my Twitter network helped me gain confidence in my own ideas. One of the reasons I love to blog and tweet is so that I can share ideas and sometimes just clarify my own thinking. I still feel that I sometimes could have more faith in myself and sometimes I hold back and don’t push forward ideas that I have had.
Over the Summer I began to look at what else I could be doing in ICT. I read lots of blog posts, articles and lesson plans and built up quite a list of things I wanted to try. Being the Head of Department gave me some freedom to try things and knowing that the Senior Team at the school had faith in me gave me the confidence to experiment a bit. And so I started to ‘tinker’ with my ICT Curriculum.
To be continued…


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