A Teacher’s Journey : Part 3

Following on from my Y3 lesson and the sharing of my portfolio the interview went incredibly well. I felt that I was completely honest and shared my vision for the future of ICT (a vision that has since changed by the way). The 45 minute interview ended up being a 2 hour chat and I left Brackley feeling confident and incredibly proud of myself.
The strange thing was that I was applying for a job that in a way I thought didn’t need to exist and if my plans to really push the cross-curricular use of ICT came off then I could end up doing myself out of a job.
I was strongly of the opinion that ICT should be a tool used in lessons rather than a subject on its own and coming from a primary school background I naturally looked for links with other subjects. For example I had y5 blogging as various historical characters following the death of Henry VIII.
For my first year I tended to follow the existing plans which were loosely based on the QCA schemes of work. I made a few tweak here and there but generally stuck to what had been done before, especially as I was teaching most year groups for the first time.
There were a few times when I did try something new such as the 1066 Election project. It was the year of the General Election and year 7 were studying the events of 1066 and the Norman Conquest. I decided to get each of my three year 7 classes to represent one of the three claimants to the English throne following the death of Edward the Confessor – Harold Godwinson, Harald Hadrada and William of Normandy.
The children designed campaign posters, wrote and recorded campaign speeches and also regularly tweeted on behalf of their candidate.
We used Polldaddy to hold regular opinion polls and on the final day of the project we asked people to vote on Twitter for either Saxon, Viking or Norman and include their postcode. Votes were then plotted using Scribblemaps and eventually Harold Godwinson was declared the King.
The project proved hugely successful and a few of the children and myself were interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton. The highlight though was when BBC technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones blogged about it and even showed himself voting live on BBC News 24.

To be continued…


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