A Personal Journey Part 1

Three years ago I was working in a large East Sussex primary school as a part-time teacher and network manager. This was the school at which I began teaching following my PGCE at Bournemouth University.
I began as an NQT in year 5. It was a challenge and partly due to having done a 9 month PGCE I never quite felt ready. However, by the end of the year I was looking forward to a second year in year 5. I was moved. Up to year 6 which brought a new set of challenges – new things to teach and of course SATs. Another challenging year and again, by the end, I was looking forward to the next year. I was moved again. This time to PPA cover for years 5 and 6.
To begin with I enjoyed the role but soon found it harder and harder. I had no ownership over what I taught and the children’s behaviour was harder to manage. What made things worse was that I felt that I had no support from anyone around me.
When I found out at the end of the year that I was changing again – back to a y5 class teacher I became even more disheartened. I am, unfortunately, the type of person who manages to find something negative about a situation and so I felt that all these changes meant I was no good at the job and I lost all motivation.
When we returned for inset in September it was announced that our network manager would be leaving at Christmas. This got me thinking and I approached the Head about the idea of taking over the role of network manager and perhaps combining it with an ICT teacher role. This was agreed and so in December I said goodbye to a lovely y5 class and took up residence in the network manager’s office.
I enjoyed the role but the ICT teaching part never materialized and I ended up teaching y6 science and maths booster sessions. I spent most of my time setting up the school’s Uniservity learning platform which all East Sussex schools had been ‘given’ but received no thanks, credit or support for doing so and making ours one of the showcase examples.(hardly anything has changed on there since I left.)
I became so disillusioned and dreaded going to work each day.
This, combined with issues in my personal life, meant that when the following september inset came around I handed in my notice. I had nothing lined up and we were considering moving to Devon and starting again.
I did keep half an eye open for my ‘dream job’ as an ICT teacher and I can’t remember who but someone on Twitter alerted me to the Head of ICT position here at Winchester House. When I read the job description it seemed perfect and so I thought “what have I got to lose?”

To be continued…


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