I Don’t Want to Blog

Over the past few weeks and months I have been overhauling our ICT schemes of work for all years from Year 8 all the way down to Nursery. I have pretty much started from scratch, gathering ideas, resources and other information from a wide variety of sources.

One of the main areas of the ICT curriculum I have been looking at is those areas of ICT that are actually covered in other subjects. The ICT plans I inherited when I joined the school had quite a lot of digital music and digital art included. I looked at the learning objectives that these covered and emailed the Heads of Music and Art to see if they covered them in their plans – and they do, so I have just asked for them to provide me with examples of this work so that I can prove that it is being covered elsewhere. I will still do some digital art and music but probably as parts of a bigger project.

Data Handling and data logging is all covered in Maths and Science. Only this week with my Year 4 maths set we have been creating graphs using Excel and 2Graph and I know the science department also use ICT for creating and analysing graphs.

And so on to blogging. This term Year 4 have been blogging as part of their ICT lessons and I have used the 100 Word Challenge with my Year 5s. However, when I think about it – I don’t feel that blogging is something to be taught in an ICT lesson – but rather as simply a medium to be used in English and possibly PSHCE. My plan is for the children to all have their own Learners’ Log in which their regularly post updates about their achievements in and out of school and that this would take place during tutor time or PSHCE. In English I would hope that some pieces of work would be intended, right from the start, to be posted online. We already have an Amor Scribendi blog setup (Love of Writing) and my tutees are already experimenting with their Learners’ Logs. And so I do want every child in school from Year 3 upwards to be blogging – but I don’t want to be teaching them how to do it in ICT lessons


One thought on “I Don’t Want to Blog

  1. Hi Chris – I wondered if there was any possibility of sharing some of your super ideas from your KS1 new SOW. Rather cheeky I know. I had hoped to come to your rethinking ICT day – but I am still pursuading my head teacher.

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