Year 4 ICT Overview

Here is a very brief glimpse of my plans for Year 4 ICT for next year.

Michaelmas Term 1
Multimedia presentation including photos, audio and possibly video that the children the present to a genuine audience (not just the rest of the class).

Michaelmas Term 2
Control project in which the children create a computer-controlled Christmas light display.

Lent Term 1
Blogging project – possibly with a historical twist to flow into….

Lent Term 2
Using Lego Digital Designer to create an historical Lego kit such as a Roman Villa or a Saxon Roundhouse.

Summer Term 1 & 2
Video project inspired by the classic Sesame Street ABC animations. Children illustrate the letters of the alphabet, combine these into a video that is edited to an existing soundtrack such as this video…

Other ICT elements such as Internet research, databases etc will be covered through other subjects. For example I hope LOGO will be used in Maths to create patterns with polygons.

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