Rethinking ICT Conference #rethinkingICT

The provisional date for this conference is Friday 13th July and will be held here at Winchester House School.

The plan for the day is that it will start with a Teachmeet event in which attendees can share what they think ICT should be like followed by an afternoon in which we could split into groups and sit round a table discussing ideas.

What I am keen to address is the ICT vs Computer Science debate that seems to have arisen since Gove’s speech. Lots of reports were saying Computer Science should replace ICT whereas I strongly they are both important and we need to find a way of combining them.

I would also like part of the day to be devoted to the idea of setting up an informal network of ICT specialists who will offer support to schools who may not have anyone in school who would regard themselves as an ICT specialist.

I am still open to any ideas, suggestions and help with trying to organise this day. I have had quite a positive response so far and think that it could be a really exciting, and inspirational day.

If you would be, in principle, interested in attending the day please add your name to this Google Doc.

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7 thoughts on “Rethinking ICT Conference #rethinkingICT

  1. Excellent idea Chris, thanks so much for getting on and just doing it. Count me in. Where do we register ?

  2. I’m a Computing teacher in a secondary school in Scotland and I totally agree with your comment regarding the need for both ICT and Computer Science.
    We currently teach mandatory ICT for the first 2 years, and optional Computer Science for the remaining 4. This allows us to ensure that all of our students have the knowledge to use ICT across the curriculum. However we have also recognised the need for mandatory Computer Science to expose the students to specific outcomes that relate to CS.
    I have begun a lunchtime club teaching programming using Microsoft’s Kodu environment, and we are in consultation to restructure S1 & S2 to include 1 period of mandatory ICT and 1 period of Mandatory Computer Science/Business Studies. In my opinion it’s essential that we don’t scrap ICT, as there will be pupils (a small minority mind you!) who will need to be taught how to use general purpose packages to make full use of the technology throughout the rest of their education and it is our responsibility that the needs of all of these pupils are met.

  3. I am a ‘new to teaching’ infant school teacher and x-ICTer with a rather old degree in Data Processing (before ICT was a glimmer), having done 20 years of the whole range of ICT roles from developer through to data architect and project management I am keen to see how user and ‘ICT worker’ skills can be brought into play. I often feel I am teaching the history of computing to my 5 year olds, rather than key skills that they are already using at ‘users’ home and in play or foundation skills for ICT development. Very keen to help bring this uptodate and lay foundations for next generation of developers.

  4. I am looking forward to this! I think that it’s vital that we develop an informed network of learning (and teaching) to better develop how we deliver ICT / Computing / Computer Studies (is that a possible name for a new qualification?), with a view to hopefully standardising it in some respect.

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