Tweet, Tweet, Who’s There?

For some reason ideas always seem to hit me as I am doing the washing up. Tonight’s idea will use Twitter to set my year 7 class an Internet research challenge. Basically I want people to tweet a set of clues about a person – the children will then research the information in order to identify the person.

So I am asking for people to tweet some clues about anybody to do with the following topic – ICT Pioneers.

For example if I was thinking of Bill Gates I might tweet:

I was born on October 28th 1955 and I am best known for the company I founded with Paul Allen. #twittwho

Please join in and I am intrigued to find out who you would consider to be an ICT Pioneer. Please remember to include the hashtag #twittwho and could you also schedule your tweet to arrive sometime between 9.10 am and 9.50 am on Friday morning. I would also appreciate it if you would tweet me separately to let me know you have contributed some clues. If I don’t get enough contributions I may have to abort the plan.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Oh and could you also schedule the answer to arrive between 9.50 and 10 am

If you are not sure how to schedule tweets (and Tweetdeck’s scheduling seems to be playing up) just tweet me the clue and I’ll sort it out. Thanks


7 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweet, Who’s There?

  1. Don’t know how to schedule tweets. Can someone do this one?

    I was a French child prodigy and invented something that is still used in class today in a modern form. My star sign is cancer #twittwho

  2. hi – can you schedule this one for me ..
    I was born in 1905, became a Post Office engineer and then designed Collosus, the world’s first programmable electronic computer #twittwho

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