Games Consoles in ICT

This term in ICT Year 6 have been focusing on the Technology and as a way of learning about how computers work have been looking at the history of video games consoles. They started off by learning what bits and bytes were and how the binary system worked. They used the ASCII code to write their names in binary and then ‘transmitted’ these across the playground. We talked about how information is stored and processed. We  then started to look at consoles by comparing the xBox 360 with some of the earliest consoles such as the Magnavox Odyssey. We talked about the RAM and processing speed of the CPU and what these figures meant.

The children then used to create Top Trumps cards for games consoles. They also created a quick powerpoint presentation about the history of either Mario or Sonic so that they could see how the graphics have developed over time thanks to the improvements in the technology.

For the final part of the topic they started to look forwards to 2021 and tried to predict what the best selling console would be. They were given information about the best selling consoles of 1991, 2001 and 2011 and were then asked to design a console for 2021. Once they had decided on the specifications for their console they then designed a poster to advertise their new console.

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