#TweettheDickens Audioboo

In my previous post I introduced an idea I had to celebrate Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday. The idea is basically for schools to use Twitter / blogs etc to retell some of Dickens’ novels. I wasn’t sure exactly to manage this and last night I had a bit of a brainwave.

The basic element of the project that any schools taking part would be asked to do is to get children and adults to record sections of one of Dickens’ novels using Audioboo. These can then be automatically tweeted with a common hashtag so that they can all be followed. Schools could then do further work blogging or tweeting as different characters.

To try out the idea I have started to record A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol Pt 1 – Read by Mr Leach

A Christmas Carol Part 2 – read by Henry

A Christmas Carol Part 3 – Read by Lucy


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