Asteroids Maths

Following on from the success of my Space Invaders lessons on area, perimeter and symmetry this morning I decided to introduce my Year 4 maths set to another classic video game – Asteroids. They had all seen the blind in the ICT room which is now decorated to look like an Asteroids game  and I explained that the aim of the game was to shoot the various asteroids – each time they hit one it got divided into two smaller ones until they couldnt get any smaller and couldn’t be divided any more. To turn this into a maths activity I drew one Asteroid on the board and wrote the number 16 inside it – we then ‘shot’ it to create two smaller asteroids with 8 inside them and so on until we ended up with 16 tiny asteroids all with the number 1 inside them. I then asked for a two-digit number and 36 was suggested. We halved it to 18 and then to 9 and the children realised they couldn’t continue without getting into decimals / fractions. I explained to them that they would only get points if they managed to get down to tiny asteroids with a 1 in them and so if they ever came across another odd number they couldnt get any further. They were then asked to investigate different two-digit numbers to see how many points they could get. A couple of children did start with 64 and then one realised that if she started with 32 she would get a load more points as well.


One thought on “Asteroids Maths

  1. Great to read about creative ideas for bringing Maths lessons alive Chris. I like the visual aspect to the lesson, and the game element. Both interesting and easy for the children to apply. I feel the sky really is the limit with regard to potential strategies for making numeracy lessons dynamic and fun for children, whilst covering a variety of objectives. In a recent blog, I discussed how parents could try such practical ideas with games, such as cards or board games.

    Great to read about new ideas in action.

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