ICT Learning Journeys

At my previous school, which was a large state primary where I taught in years 5 and 6, we used a Learning Journey system in which each term we planned a unit of work that combined three different subjects. For example our Year 6 Tudors project combined History, Art (Holbein portraits) and DT (Tudor houses). Each Learning Journey began with a ‘Wow’ in order to inspire and excite the children and ended with a set outcome such as an assembly performance.

Without consciously thinking about it this is how I plan my ICT units. Each Half Term I set the children a project and try and start off with something that captures their imagination and enthuses them for what is to come ahead. For example, this term Year 7 will be creating their own Text Adventure games and the Wow factor last week was the fact that they got to play some examples of such games. The outcome at the end will be making their games available to download and play from the school website. Sometimes I share with the children the steps they will follow in order to achieve the outcome but sometimes I want them to discover them for themselves as they move through the project.


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